Today there are politicians who no longer worry about keeping all the ridiculous promises they made a few weeks ago. Some knew they could never keep them. The voters agreed.

Others learned that they cannot buy an elected office. No amount of money will build trust, character, and integrity. Those are traits that must be earned by the manner in which one lives.

Money was the magic wand for others. They overwhelmed their opponents not by ideas, but with false hopes. Their organizational chicanery won the day. They now have to prove they can do what their million dollar advertising campaigns said they could and would do. Before their term is over they may have some tall explaining to do.

The untimely death of Senator Paul Wellstone of Minnesota cast a dark shadow of sorrow over the national election process. We painfully learned again that death is no respecter of persons. None are exempt. We will continue to pray for his family and friends. Those who knew him best speak of his devotion to principle. As liberal as he was in his beliefs, he was equally respected by the most conservative ideologue.

We have been told that "politics make strange bedfellows". What it means is that decent human beings can work together no matter what their particular political, social, racial or religious differences may be. Civility is always a needed commodity in American society.

In a world of hostage taking, snipers, murderers, wars, terrorists, abortion, genocide, starvation, disasters, and a thousand other painful tragedies, we did manage to find some relief, even comic relief in the recently played World Series. It just proved that what we thought was impossible was really possible after all. There can be a World Series, perhaps not as exciting as others, without the New York Yankees or the Atlanta Braves. Even stranger was the fact that it was played entirely in the state of California.

If you ever doubt the value of walking, consider Barry Bonds. He walked from San Francisco to Anaheim - all in just seven games. No wonder he is in such great physical shape at the advanced age (at least for an athlete) of 38. Start walking my friend. According to Barry Bonds there is big money in it. I have not yet met Barry, but I did meet his father Bobby. Think of it! They once played "catch" just like I did with my dad. But I never played in the World Series.

We congratulate the Angels. Do angels really play baseball on their home field in heaven? My favorite Giant in uniform was little three year old, Darren Baker, son of Giant manager, Dusty Baker.

Whether it be baseball or politics, one of the things we embrace is the team concept. We must work together if our team is to win. America now, more than ever, needs more statesmen and fewer politicians. We need men and women who see beyond the present and their own retirement. We need to look constructively toward the future of our children and grandchildren.

On Sunday, October 27, I attended the morning church service at the Oakland Church of God, Smithers, WV, where "Candidates Sunday" was observed. It simply meant that dozens of people who serve and wish to serve in political or public office were together in a service of worship.

America will not be saved by political power. The Word of God clearly states, "Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord Almighty" (Zechariah 4:6 NIV).

There is hope for America and for the world if our hope is in God. An old psalm simply says, "But now, Lord, what do I look for? My hope is in you" (Psalm 39:7 NIV).

Two of my favorite TV nights are the last night of the World Series and the night of election returns. Winners and losers separated by thin margins. The game is over until another year.

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