In numerous ways my Mother was one of the most intelligent women I ever met. I could say the same thing of my grandmothers. Only in recent years have I discovered how educated they really were.

When I was a child, my Mother would read to me each evening some of the most exciting stories I have ever heard. They were filled with mystery and explosive plots. Such characters. They were strong, bold, creative, adventuresome, unafraid, intelligent, inquisitive and acquainted with trouble.

As I listened to those stories with all their drama, my heart seemed to beat faster every minute. She should have read them on radio so thousands could have heard. Think of it! Marie, Whitey and I were in our own private studio listening to a master read from the 66 greatest books ever written.

The hundreds of characters mentioned surrounded the real stars who stood at center stage. They were involved in all kinds of almost unbelievable skirmishes, adventures, escapades, and battles. There was war, murder, adultery, suspense, fights, romance, big game, the world's only boat, prison uprisings, sports, and music. It was all there. What drama!

All of that and a thousand other things were prominent in these fast moving stories. It was all wrapped up in one amazing library of just 66 books. The first section contained 39 books while the second stack had 27 books. It took 40 writers approximately 1600 years to write the scripts.

The stories were so moving and the characters so dynamic that Hollywood movie producers have spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to capture all the passion and electricity of these earth-changing events and magnetic personalities.

My Mother read the world's greatest literature and I listened, wide-eyed, blood coursing through my veins and my heart pounding with excitement. Where can you find this extraordinary library? I thought you might never ask. Actually all these books have been compiled into one large volume and it is simply called the Bible.

It is a book of hope, peace, instruction, inspiration, success, comfort, strength, love, and forgiveness. With authority its authors discuss all the really important issues of life. This one book contains more information about total success in life than any other book. Well-educated people read it daily.

Several times each year my attention and focus is powerfully drawn to the reading of these tremendous stories. It usually happens just before or shortly after Mother's Day, Christmas, in winter's long evenings, and near Mom's birthday. Actually these dramatic stories may pop into my mind any day.

Any time you face a difficult decision and want to know how the greatest men and women who ever lived handled a similar situation, you can go to this book. Always go to the experts. To those who have had the experience and know what they are talking about. Listen to the authorities. Go to the book that is without error in what it teaches.

Wondering where you can get a copy of this "book of books"? It is the all-time best-seller of all books ever written. The best source I know of for getting a copy, in most any translation, size, cost bracket, and even cover design and color is by checking the web site: It is an excellent source for any kind of Bible and is available for gifts, prizes, Bible study classes or pew Bibles for the church.

For me, it is now time to quit writing about the Bible and actually read it.

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